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We Ease the Operation of Broadcast Hardware for People Making Live Video

SKAARHOJ are experts in dedicated broadcast panels for people making live video by the means of awesome tactile industrial strength hardware controllers. We offer small easy-to-use control surfaces for the untrained operator, and fully featured controllers for fast video switching in live production environments. The flexibility of our software enables us to communicate with multiple devices from major brands such as BlackMagic Design, Sony, Panasonic, AJA and more. One of our specialties is providing user-friendly standalone control panels for a large range of broadcast gear by BlackMagic Design including ATEM control-surfaces, HyperDecks, Videohubs, SmartScopes and their cameras.



  • Connects directly to vMix systems
  • Connects directly to ATEM control-surface without the need of a PC/Mac
  • Can control multiple ATEM control-surfaces, HyperDecks, SmartScopes and VideoHubs
  • Compatible with AJA KUMO compact SDI routers
  • Compatible with vMix video control-surface software
  • Connects to other peripherals such as PTZ cameras from Panasonic
  • Professional buttons and controls
  • Lighted panel buttons


Presenting the new and improved E21-TVS MII pocket controller - a hardware panel developed specific for the BlackMagic Design ATEM Television Studio. GPIO and PoE are now possible options without having to upgrade the enclosure size and we have improved the slider position. Most important of all: it now runs the amazing UniSketch.


E21-TVS MII Features


Presenting the new and improved E21-TVS MII pocket controller - a hardware panel developed specific for the BlackMagic Design ATEM Television Studio. GPIO and PoE are now possible options without having to upgrade the enclosure size and we have improved the slider position. Most important of all: it now runs the amazing UniSketch.


E21-TVS MII Features


The E201-M16 is a hardware control panel for all ATEM live production control-surfaces. Laid out traditionally with separate program and preview buses for up to 10 inputs, but this can be extended with the SHIFT button so you never run out of sources. The extensive web interface provides an easy way to make presets, so you can configure the unit with only most basic functionality available for easy and simple use for the untrained operator. Configuring the E201-M16 is quick and intuitive with our newly developed software, the UniSketch, accessible directly in the web interface. We let you be in control!


E201-M16 Features

C15 MII Remote

The C15 MII Remote offers a unique combination of ATEM and Panasonic PTZ Camera control. You get traditional switching routines with the buttons, and the SmartSwitches combined with the joystick if a perfect and intelligent way to control pan-tilt-zoom cameras. It's a one-man band production and everyone's invited to the show.


C15 MII Remote Features


The E201-L controller features separate program and preview buses with 8 inputs – extendable via the SHIFT UPPER/LOWER buttons. Audio control is integrated for two channels and master as well as channel monitoring via the VU meter. The 4 x SmartSwitches works as a menu where you toggle between the controllers functionality.


E201-L Features


With the launch of the Blackmagic Studio Camera, BMD entered yet another domain in live production. The Studio Camera series and the URSA Mini offers DaVinci Resolve primary color corrector and with the integrated CCU in the Software Panel you're able to remotely control color, cameras settings and lens control. But we have great news - you are no longer limited to tweak your cameras in the software. We proudly present the SKAARHOJ CCU - it's full remote camera control from a dedicated control surface. The control surface lets you adjust multiple parameters simultaneously. The master black and iris adjustment are controlled by multi turn dials, and the illuminated buttons and displays provides high visibility even in dark locations. The OLED menu rocker switch let you toggle between all the settings you need to adjust and refine for each camera´s image. Check out our BMD Camera Support Page to learn which features we currently support for the line of BlackMagic Design Digital Film Cameras and Live Production Cameras.


ATEM CCU Features

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Our Advanced Resellers personify an excellence in broadcast industry understanding, not with simply sales experience but with real world production experience as well.

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