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4"x4" Footprint  |  Encoder / Switcher

Splyce X
  • 2-4 SDI Input
  • vMix HD
  • Switch, Stream, Record
  • Virtual Sets
  • Zoom, Skype, Youtube
  • SDI to NDI

Compact Production Switcher

  • 4 SDI Inputs
  • vMix HD
  • 8x6x3 Form Factor
  • Wifi
  • Rack Sized Power in Mini Sized Case


Portable Live Production Switcher

Switchblade Turbo X
  • Mix 4 SDI 4 HDMI 4K Input
  • vMix 4K
  • i9 9900K Processor
  • RTX 2070 GPU
  • 2x Removable SSD Bays

2U Rack Production Switcher

Switchblade 2U
  • 4-8 SDI Inputs or
  • 4 HDMI HD or 4K Inputs
  • vMix HD or 4K
  • Virtual Set Pack
  • 6x Removable SSD Bays

4U Rack Production Switcher

Switchblade 4U
  • 4-20 SDI/HDMI HD Inputs or
  • 4-8 4K HDMI or 6G SDI Inputs
  • vMix HD or 4K
  • Virtual Set Pack
  • 6x Removable SSD Bays


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