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HTTP Matrix for vMix

HTTP API Tool and Timer

HTTP Matrix

Programmable HTTP API Interface with timers

  • Programmed with a simple text file.

  • Use vMix API commands similar to shortcuts
  • Start and Stop timers
  • Download now: HTTP Matrix

  • HTTP Matrix is driven off of a simple text file located in the program folder called defaultconfig.txt.
  • By default installs to C:\ProgramData\vMix\HttpMatrix\ which is where the defaultconfig.txt file resides.
  • This text file contains the names of the buttons, the API commands, and start and stop times for the 9 buttons in the UI
  • API commands are similar to shortcuts but with an IP address and some parameters.
  • for example triggers a copy of vMix running on the same machine to fade with a speed of 1 second
  • turns on overlay 1 with content of input 2 on a machine located at
  • HTTP Matrix has simple start and stop times expressed in 12h notation like 05:30:00 PM which would start the command at 5:30pm
  • Times must be written exactly to be recognized (including the leading 0 for single digit times)
  • Stop times are also available to trigger StartStop commands like StartStopStreaming

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