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Skaarhoj Air Fly Pro bundle with Switchblade M9 Pro vMix SDI Switcher


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Bundle with the Switchblade M9 Pro 4-channel SDI vMix switcher and SKAARHOJ Air Fly Pro live switch controller. SKAARHOJ Air

Skaarhoj PTZ Fly bundle with vMix 4K and 2 PTZCam HD 20X Zoom PTZ cameras


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SKAARHOJ PTZ Fly controller bundled with a vMix 4K license and two (2) PTZCam UV510A 20X Zoom PTZ cameras SKAARHOJ

2 Camera Bundle with Two (2) AIDA Imaging PTZ-NDI-X18B Cameras and Switchblade Splyce NDI vMix Production System

Get started with robotic remote video production with this cost-effective 2-camera bundle with the Switchblade Splyce NDI switcher, including vMix

Two (2) AIDA HD-NDI-CUBE box cameras with vMix HD Software License

This affordable 2-camera bundle is a great starter package for live streaming production. Two (2) AIDA Imaging HD-NDI-CUBE cameras –

2 Camera Controller Bundle with Two (2) AIDA Imaging PTZ-NDI-X18B with vMix 4K

Get started with robotic TV production with this cost-effective 2-camera bundle with vMix 4K software. Two (2) AIDA Imaging PTZ-NDI-X18B

3 Camera Studio Bundle with Switchblade M9 4SDI vMix Switcher, Three (3) AIDA Imaging PTZ-NDI-X20, IP PTZ Controller, and vMix Switcher Controller


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This bundle is a complete “studio in a box” with three (3) AIDA Imaging 20X zoom NDI|HX cameras, vMix-based multi-camera

PTZCam vMix HD & VControl 1000 Controller Bundle

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6 channel PGM/Prv controller with T-bar and audio fader and vMix HD live production software.