NAB New York

Welcome back to the Big Apple. NAB’s New York based tradeshow is back in 2022 and US Broadcast is there, just off the content theater in booth 1234:

Join us October 19th and 20th as we show the latest in production workflows including our vendors Skaarhoj, vMix, Switchblade, Aximmetry, PTZCam, Waterbird, MediaEdge, Science Image, Densitron, Sansi, Axel Technology, Zanus and more.

Read on for each solution we’ll have on display

Switchblade is packing a lot into a small booth with new AV Production Carts, 240fps High Frame Rate Replay Servers courtesy of MediaEdge QDCam, all integrated with NDI, Skaarhoj control surfaces, and a great portfolio of cameras from our other vendors.

Learn more about MediaEdge here

  • LPU3 3U Rackmount 16 channel switcher running vMix Replay at 240fps
  • LPU1 short depth rackmount running Cinegy Multiviewer, Axel Youplay, and vMix.
  • Turbo Portable running Axel XTV Playout and Aximmetry 3D Virtual Studios showing our small form factor VP stage

We’ll have both Waterbird’s MS.XL highly extensible heavy duty flexible tracks and their MS Pro portable track on display on the booth. Wireless and wired control from their Phoenix controller, and wireless control of PTZCam’s UV401 4K PTZ head via the Electrum 5000 wireless transmitter.

On the smaller MS Pro we’ll show PTZCam’s POV X 20x NDI camera observing our tiny VP stage.

Learn more about Waterbird here

PTZCam’s POV X Camera meets everyone’s needs for less with NDI, SDI, and HDMI in 20x and 30x zoom options.

Learn more about the NDI POV camera here

At NAB NY we’ll show Switchblade’s new AV Production Carts with a total of 18U of rack space, drawer for control surfaces, pop out table, SDI/NDI switchers, network switches, patch bays, storage drawers, 32″ screen, and PDU/UPS options delivered to your door.

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